Our contribution to environmental protection:

We all have a responsibility towards the next generations. Therefore we offer you, as a FSC®-certified company and as a natureOffice partner, the following opportunities to make your contribution to environmental protection:

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FSC® (“Forest Stewardship Council®“) is an international certification system for responsible forest management. Ten globally valid principles guarantee that wood and paper products with the FSC® seal come from well-managed forests. These principles are defined in an international standard. The FSC standard prescribes that the ecological functions of a forest must be preserved, protects endangered species of animals and plants, and safeguards the rights of the aborigines and workers.

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The compensation of carbon emissions provides a convenient entry into climate protection. When you offset your carbon emissions, you are able to achieve a significant effect in climate protection, while your company gains a sustainable and environmentally conscious image. Crucial for such a success is the investment in purposive climate protection projects such as the reforestation of forests, hydroelectric or wind power plants. You can find out more about these projects at www.natureoffice.com.